2020 Pull Request Merged

2020 is one of the years we might never forget in our entire life. It contains a lot of challenges, explorations, and unexpected changes personally and even worldwide.

Before this year starts, we’ve set out different plans on what to accomplish this year. We’ve set out new goals to accomplish for our development. We’ve set out a promise to ourselves to the things we want to do consistently. It was a fresh new start, a fresh new beginning.

But, life has its own way of doing things. Life has its own natural course.

Earlier this year we were faced with different calamities such as storms, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, bushfires, and many more. A lot of people and animals suffered and some of them got killed during these events.

And of course, earlier this year, our idol, my idol, Kobe Bryant, and his daughter, Gigi died in a tragic helicopter crash which devastated the whole world. It shocked the whole world and it was one of the things I had a hard time accepting. Did you also have a hard time during those early times?

All of these things happened just in January! The first month of the year. What a crazy year has it been, right?

As we were grieving through these events, something happened. It isn’t just an ordinary effect; it was extraordinary. Few days before the month of January is about to end, the Coronavirus outbreak happened. This Coronavirus has become a pandemic and tested our resiliency since then.

A lot of things started to happen. Lockdowns in different countries, school got closed, requiring to wear face masks and face shields, quarantine, and many more. Most businesses were forced to shut down due to the reason that they will not be able to operate because of lockdowns and no one is allowed to go out.

A lot of us suffered from anxiety, depression, unable to sleep, and high stress due to what was happening to the world during those early times. Faith was the biggest thing during those moments. Most of us don’t know what will happen next. We thought the world was going to end. We actually don’t know anymore what was the truth. Or if the truth really exists. We just closed our eyes and enriched our faith into something we truly believe in.

That is the other side of the coin. The other side of the story. Let’s see what it made us.

We, human beings, are one of the creatures that are best at adapting. We can call ourselves an adaptation machine because we are so good at improvising, adapting, and overcoming. We were born that way and it is within us waiting to be tapped in.

In those tragic events, we were forced to be in an environment where adaptation is required. We were forced to do what was uncomfortable for us. We were forced to be fearless. Someone who will do things even though they are in fear. Do you remember this year where you went beyond what you normally think of yourself?

Once we were able to learn how to balance in the waves, we started improvising new things. We started thinking differently because of environmental constraints. We started doing things that are unfamiliar. I guess this how life evolves itself. We started creating businesses online, virtual events, and many more! Due to environmental constraints, we were able to see new opportunities and experience new life.

Maybe this is the fresh start we were talking about. Maybe this is the new beginning we were hoping for at the start of the year.

One of the things I really like this year was how we were awakened and enlightened about how powerful we truly are. We were forced to go deep within. We were forced to tap into our own nature. I remembered when I was having some trouble coping up, I started doing meditation, breathing exercises, and surrounded myself with those personal development contents. I stopped watching the news, removed toxic mediums, and started learning how to take care of myself.

I love how we now know why it is important to take of our inner self more than our external self. We are more than knowledgeable now about how to protect ourselves and how stress is creating dis-ease for us. In other words, we are now in a state where we have an upgrade in understanding ourselves.

As we are about to fully merge this year into our system — ourselves, take a quick time out to look back and see how marvelous you’ve become this year. I acknowledge you for being that strong, fearless, and the person you need to be. May you see this year as the year you truly needed to grow to the person you need to become.

May you reach your dreams.

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