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I’ve been using Yup primarily because of Formik for form validations in React. Other than that, I’ve rarely used it on other things in the past. I can’t say it enough but Formik with Yup looks like couples.

Have you used Formik without Yup? Or, have you used Yup outside Formik? I bet you didn’t.

This isn’t a promotion of Yup but out of curiosity again I’ve used Yup to validate and transform my API Endpoint and I liked it.

Before I show you the examples, I would like to tell you why I got here. When dealing with a…

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Most of us are conditioned to build walls around them with the belief that it will protect them from external elements. It can be a wall that prevents you from sharing your problems with others because you don't want to be seen as weak or someone who isn't responsible.

Are we truly protecting ourselves when we put up walls within us or is it the other way around?

I've put up a lot of walls over the course even until now I have walls that are surrounding me to keep me from being hurt or lose myself from the dangers…

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What would happen if we act like our future is happening already?

What would happen if we act like our dream is now about to come?

We don't know when but it is arriving at you already.

What actions are you going to show?

Do you still remember the last time you get so happy like nothing matters to you? It's like the rest of the world paused and the issues we thought were real issues had gone away during that moment.

What happened back there?

I do this every time I want something. I act like I'm already on…

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On my quest to explore functional programming in JavaScript I came across this “new” way to do try-catch statements in the code.

One of the issues, I can see on the non-functional try-catch is you’re forced to create a mutable variable. Take this example:

If you want to examine the data object, you have two choices here. You go through the rabbit hole inside the try-catch block statement and do all your things there or create a mutable variable that you can access outside the try-catch block.

You’re either forced to create a mutable variable or go through…

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In the past months, I have been into multiple health issues. One is about my foot having some wound that gets infected and comes to the point where I can’t even walk anymore.

The other one is when I thought I had some lymphatic system issue where my lymph node at the back of my head went crazy and gave me a big grape! It almost prevented my head from moving in any direction and just looked straight.

It was a boil. It was painful and gave me sleepless nights. …

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Code review is a process where before some code changes get into the main branch or before it gets deployed it needs to be reviewed by the team.

This usually happens when someone creates a pull request (PR), you or another member on the team will need to review it to make sure everything looks good. Either the reviewers approve and merge it to the main branch or reject and make some new changes.

Code review helps you avoid common mistakes and also standardizes common patterns across the team.

Code review doesn’t create perfect software but it allows you to…

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On our journey towards reaching our goals, we get so locked in with the vision of reaching them already. We get this moment where when we close our eyes, we can see our goals already within us.

A journey or a process is usually a long trial and error situation. You will fail and fail many times. But, you get back up again because you already have this mindset where whatever happens you will be able to achieve what you want.

As you continue on your journey or process after you encounter hardships, I want to ask you a question…

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Cloud run is a Google service that allows you to deploy a containerized application into the cloud. It also manages your infrastructure by automatically scaling up and down depending on the traffic.

Let’s say your application has no traffic during midnight, it will scale down, and that allows you to reduce the cost of resources. I think this is similar to Heroku Dyno where it sleeps whenever there is no traffic. In other words, you only pay when your code is running.

Due to my limited experience with Cloud Run, I won’t be able to tell you more details and…

In the last two weeks, I’ve been constantly trying to learn how to surf through the waves of life. It keeps on coming at me with bigger waves and I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how to ride the surfboard and go through the waves.

Being aware that I kept on failing, I tried even harder — contemplating and putting most of my energy into it. But I still failed to do it. I don’t know anymore what to do. I feel like I’ve already exhausted every logical thing I should do.

In my experience, I…

Life offers a lot of surprises, isn’t it so? There are some things that logically make sense but other things, we can’t seem to comprehend how it happened. How many possibilities exist beyond our logical thinking?

Maybe we just don’t realize how we are interconnected with each other.

They say we meet someone in our life because there’s a purpose behind it. A purpose that soon we will be able to realize. How come a stranger be one of the people that are important in my life?

It was an unusual afternoon, I was in a hospital accompanying my auntie…

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