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Change is the only constant in life.

Change happens when the time has come and whether we like it or not. Change is something that isn’t in our control.

Whether we don’t want it or not it will happen. Even if you choose not to improve, you will still change. It can be you will become much worse or you can start bouncing back in life.

Life is unpredictable. We don’t know what is coming. We don’t know what it will bring to us. But when life happens, a certain part of us needs to be changed.

There are things…

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Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to conditionally set props in ReactJS? Something like you only wants to set the props if a certain object is existing, otherwise, you want it left behind.

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When I was a kid working out at our home I only had few pieces of equipment, 1 barbel made out of cement, two dumbbells with a few pounds, and a wooden sitting bench on a small place on our home. Not a typical workout setup and won’t be able to do as much as in the gym.

But my uncle showed me how to improvise workouts to be able to target specific muscles. He showed me how we will be able to overcome the situation with our limited pieces of equipment and space. …

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Every day we are planting seeds. Every day we have the opportunity to plant a seed that we want to harvest in the future. They say there aren’t bad or good seeds but rather — without judgment is just a seed you planted and took care of.

We don’t know when it will be time to harvest it but that’s actually not our concern. Once we plant the seed, it is out of our control already on when it will be ready. The skills you are practicing day in and day out may take too long like years or decades…

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When we are under stress, our fight and flight or sympathetic system activate. This is a signal to the body that there is a danger and it needs to survives.

Our focus becomes shallow, breathing becomes shallow, our heart beats faster than usual and other things to prepare for the danger ahead. Under this certain condition, all of our focus is all about how are we going to survive? Nothing else matters.

If you will look back especially during the moment you become stress, you will notice that you aren’t behaving the same way you should be. …

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In TypeScript version 3.4, the feature called const assertion has landed to limit the inferred type into a narrow scope (non-widening).

Before we head on, I want to say that with editors or IDEs that are TypeScript aware like VScode, this feature works very well.

Let’s now head to our examples:

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I was watching a movie in the past and in that movie one character said “I prefer the bliss of ignorance” when he was asked why don’t learn the native language of Germany to understand other people?

It caught my attention when I heard that.

When asked about ignorance, most of us will easily someone as smart and the other one as dumb. But this character isn’t dumb or smart. Actually, his life in the movie is somehow a reflection of that phrase.

He isn’t wanting to know a lot yet he knows a lot. I guess it comes from…

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The willingness to take bold decisions is what moved you in the past, what is moving you right now, and what will move you in the future.

If you will give time and observe your previous accomplishments, you will see that it wasn’t because it was given to you.

You worked for it.

You’ve set up yourself that I will do this regardless if there are people or none watching. You’ve decided that you wanted it. You wanted to create it or reach it.

It was the previous you who decided to reach for it.

You were courageous enough to…

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Before you’ve given the opportunity to play, you have to put in the work behind the scenes. Your name won’t be called with you doing anything.

Luck isn’t in your DNA. Luck isn’t given to you by sitting on the couch all day long. You’re waiting for nothing if you just wait and without working.

One of the famous metaphors is the iceberg. You only see the tip of the iceberg which is the moment someone is living his/her dream. But you don’t even see the rest of the mountain. …

JM Santos

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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