A conversation for a higher vantage point in life

A few months ago, I was in my journey to find what is the meaning of purpose in our life. How to define the word purpose? What is my purpose? How do you know if something is your purpose? Usually in the morning I listen to motivational speeches to pump me up. And to give me clarity over my day. Every speeches I’ve heard were saying that you need to have your purpose in life. Having a purpose in life will give you that sense of direction as they say.

There were nights I would pray and overthink. What is my purpose? Is becoming a role model to my younger sister my purpose? Is it helping other people gain their confidence my purpose? What is it? It seems like I can’t find an answer to my questions.

A new vantage point

At the office, I heard a big news. Our vice president will visit us here in the Philippines from Los Angeles. I'm like "wow, this is gonna be cool"! As I was seeking for my purpose that time. Something popped into my mind, what if I ask him? Can he provide an answer? Can he help me to find it? He’s someone who’s been there I’m pretty sure I’ll get a new vantage point.

Opportunity knocks only once

He stayed here for a week. Which means, I have enough days to gather the confidence and seek for help. I set a plan on how I will approach him and what time. I observed what time does he usually at the office. I thought to myself with full of hope to not bother him with my silly questions.

What happened next will shock you. Up until his last day, I was unable to ask him! I’m so shy and can’t even help myself out. I’m so frighten and not confident to seek for him. Maybe because I will be running out of words to say? What if I don’t get what he is saying? I was overthinking! I was so down for myself because it looks like an opportunity in front me and I didn’t grab it.

So he goes back to Los Angeles without me asking the questions I needed.

How terrible it is.

But, it is not yet done.

The day he left, I wrote an email expressing everything I really wanted to ask. I even told him that I was really shy and can't even help myself out there.

Before I send my email to him. Of course I’m still nervous and can’t click that send button for my email. Do you think it is easy? Hell no! I’m still shaking on my ground 🤣

I confronted myself that we need to send this to him get another vantage point in life. I passed the chance to talk to him face to face. This is my only chance. Send it or not. Before my anxious mind strikes again, I hit the send button. Phew. That was one of a hell drive.

Unexpected return

Days after I sent my email. I got an urgent call from our boss here in the Philippines to go to his room immediately. When I arrived at his office, I saw him talking to our vice president via call in his computer! I asked myself, what did I do?! I’m already recalling my previous days thinking what did I do. I was nervous 😱

Our vice president told our boss that I sent an email with my questions but I couldn’t ask face to face because I was shy. He said, to remove that shyness inside me. We should practice performing it. So he asked if I still remember my questions and ask it again. I told him yes. Then I asked him again my most important questions.

What is your purpose in life?
How do you find your purpose?
How do you know if that is really your purpose?

We spoke on the call so please excuse that there were no precise words.

He said that an individual's purpose depends on each and everyone. Your purpose is not the same with other people. Also, purpose in life depends on your life situation. For example, me (our vice president) as a family man, my purpose in life is to provide the needs of my family. Compared to you, you have a different purpose. Our purpose in life may differ from time. If your purpose 10 years ago is to finish studies, it will be different for now. It can be to get a meaningful job and salary. Purpose depends on your current life status. Purpose depends on your life responsibility.


Purpose will change from time to time. And that’s okay because we are evolving. Everything in our surrounding is evolving. Responsibility and purpose are two different entities. Responsibility means you’re obliged or required to do that thing but for purpose you are not. A purpose is a goal or a target to reach that is not required by anyone else. Responsibility can help you find your purpose but not the other way around.

Up to this day after our conversation. I’m still holding my purpose which is to be a role model and help other people. Being a role model especially to my younger sister is both a purpose and responsibility. I’m required to be a good example but also I set it a target to myself. Having that purpose in my life, helps me reach where I am right now. It develops my discipline, diligence and perseverance. I am becoming a better person with that!

The bigger picture of having that purpose in my life is when she grows up she will have the right formula in life. The right formula for her confidence and success. I definitely perceive within me that it is my purpose and I will continue to do it.

My purpose may change in the future and that’s OK.

I don’t know yet but I’m happy with it because it drives me to evolve in my life. This is one of memorable conversation I had and I will be forever grateful. This will go down as part of my legacy.

May you reach your dreams.

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