You were unpopular back then when I first heard about you. As I can remember, I didn’t pay attention to you the first time. I was still attached to some old school beauty power of jQuery with ajax. She was with me throughout my everyday wars. And I couldn’t fight without her by my side. I’m .binded to her power.

When you and your creators started doing daily alerts. $broadcasting and $emitting everyone to hop in to your rocket ship for a better hello world. I knew I needed to setTimeout to jQuery. And let you have the stage to prove how capable, important and powerful you are.

The moment I decided to let you have the stage. I remembered also it was a few days prior your presentation. I was already eagered to meet you. I couldn't wait an indefinite time to finally see you.

The very first form I made with you. I was. I was mesmerize by the beauty of your two-way data binding. It was a unique feature and responsive to the user’s $event. Every time I change inside the form, you responded quickly and that’s one thing I love about you. You never let me wait for the changes to reflect for so long. Unless you’ve failed to $digest it or we’ve made a wrong promises to each again and never resolve nor reject it. You throws it up on me. One thing I must say, you are so much vocal and prank to me because you keep on throwing at me every time I made a wrong thing. But I know it was part of our relationship to be stronger. Right? Sweet.

As I've gain a few battle experience, I got a little confident utilizing you. I'm glad to have you in my pocket.

One of the biggest war

To win in a war, one factor that will give you ahead from your enemy is the power. When one of the biggest war of my life has come - the deciding factor to obtain my degree, the thesis defense. I was torned between the old school beauty power of jQuery + ajax and you, the unpopular one from the community. I told myself that night, I would give you a week of work. If it works, I will be using you throughout the war of my life. It was one of the risk I needed to take on. I knew I can finish it using the old school style but my $rootScope says I needed to give you a chance.

After a week, you didn’t fail me. When I started the real work with you for my biggest war. We’ve had some problems to each other. Problems about dependencies. I tried letting you use my created service to the controller for a hello world. But I’ve never introduce to you the service in the first place. You throws up on me. We’ve made promises to each other but we never wait to be together. But in the end, we fought all the way up and conquered everything! Everything! You are still powerful up to now and you are still my main weapon for wars. We still have a long journey to carry on buddy. But I know we will conquer and demolish everything that will block our way up!

The final

Life comes with a different set of problems. We never know what will come to us or how we will solve it. That's what makes our life enjoyable! Take risk and let the life brings out the best in you. To my best warrior, we made it through thick and thin. You never failed me especially in my biggest war. Looking forward for a more matured and stronger relationship with you. Strive and fight until the end.

May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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