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We all have different stories. We all came from something before we got in this state of life. We had to put in a lot of work, sacrifices and endured a lot of pain to get where we are right now.

Our future is unpredictable. We do not know where it will lead us. We do not know where it will bring us. We just keep on trusting our gut, goals, and dreams that it will bring us to a state where we deserved.

The journey that we have is not how we think it is. Our journey will contain ups and downs on every step we make. It is not straightforward, easy and fun at all times. Along on our journey, we will eventually get lost in the dark and caught up by undesired and unimaginable things. We will be in the dark for a moment and no one will be there except ourselves. Why do we need to experience being lost in the dark and losing our light? Does the purpose of life live there?

After we went through the dark, the light will shine again. Nothing is permanent. The dark moment will fade and the light will shine again. We do not know when do they both give way to each other. But one thing is for sure. They allow each other to showcase their unique beauty.

Whatever happens through these special events, being in the dark or in the light, it is for our own self. We will make bold decisions — whether it is right or wrong.

Did we do something wrong? It is OK.

Did we do something good? It is OK.

It is part of life and normal for humans to make bold decisions. We cannot always do the right decision. No one is perfect.

We are not perfect, we will make wrong or right decisions and it is bound to happen for us. On every decision we will make, we will learn the beauty of life. We will learn why something is bad and something is good in our life. Life experience is a factor in how we can decide what is best and not best for us.

Each event that happens in our life creates a unique story for our life. The stories that were created through these events will be the one we will share with them. These stories will inspire and help them to push more in their life. Our dark moments will help them believe that nothing is permanent. Dark moments are there to help us. This is the moment where we callus our mind even more. Light moments are also there to help us. This is the moment that will make us believe that there is hope in every dark moment. And on every struggle, no matter how hard it is, we will overcome it and it will end. This will also inspire other people who are going through hardships that there is hope for tomorrow.

Each moment will let us understand that it is a part of life and we cannot escape it. These moments will give us the true meaning of life. The beauty of life.

Our journey is still long. We still have a lot of things to learn in life. We will still go through a lot of dark and light moments in life. We will be behind the curtains for a little long. But once we got out, the world will know our work.

May you reach your dreams.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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