Every Setback is Working For Your Good

Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you are up or down and it’s up to you to enjoy the moment. You can raise your hands up and scream or you can sit back there and be scare. Do you enjoy life when everything is good? How about when everything is not going well for you? When things are falling apart and you can’t control it. Do you still cherish every moment of it? It’s difficult. It is difficult to maintain that optimistic mind when everything is falling apart. It takes years of practice to let your mind fight through adversity. When we experience adversity in life, we began to have stress. That stress is beginning to flow through out our body and we can’t control it. It’s starting to eat yourself. Beware my friend!

I have two (2) big goals for the rest of the week. My first primary goal this week was to perform my created routines. It was all about new workout challenges and incorporating the creation of projects. And my second goal is to go for a fun run on Sunday and outscore my last recorded time. At the start of the week, everything was going well. The plan was going well. I thought I’ve created it well for myself because I was making a lot of progress!

Bumps ahead

Going in to the mid-week, I started having these bumps ahead. These bumps causes me to perform at a low level giving me less energy to produce and doing less. Knowing that these bumps was temporary I keep on pushing and pushing. I knew when I finish this I’ll be ready for a much better routine next week. But I was wrong. It gave me less progress. I was so disappointed. I thought that the routine I’ve created was to make me produce more but it actually produced me less than I’ve expected. I took a break and realize it was inefficient for me. I didn’t made myself to win rather I made it to challenge me but produce less. I stopped it and finally took a separation from it.

Planned to Win

Knowing I’ve failed to perform my created routines. I still have my last big goal for the week, which is all about the fun run. I’ve prepared for this run a few weeks ago. I was timing myself for every run and outperforming my past run to become better and faster. I knew I can do faster. As they say, practice hard so when the game starts. It will be easy for you because you’ve done it already in a practice game many times. That was my mindset for the run. That’s why I’m so confident I’ll be performing better and faster. I can imagine myself running. I also imagined how I will look while running and the poses I will be making after reaching the finish line. You can see that I’m very excited! I’m setting myself to win already! I had it all in my mind. It was so clear to me.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. — Albert Einstein

When I went to the venue, everything was so dark. I don’t see anyone wearing the same singlet as I’m wearing. I checked the event’s date and found out it was yesterday. I missed the run! I missed my last goal! I got frustrated on how irresponsible I am with that. I should’ve checked it so I wouldn’t miss it. All the things I’ve imagined and planned are now destroyed. I can’t help it not to become frustrated to myself. Keep on asking why on my mind. It was so clear to me but why does this happened? I planned to win!


After a few minutes and up to now, I’m convincing myself that it is part of life. Helping myself to look for the bright side and pick-up the lessons. It is hard because you are looking so much on it, you had it clear on your mind but things slipped away. I can’t do anything about it. The only thing I can do is control on how I react for the things that will come and remain the positive attitude.

Be patient. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to get the best. — Karen Salmansohn

Life gives us unexpected things. You never know when it will come. This week was kind of a disappointing one when we talk about achieving the things I needed to. On the other hard, I still made progress on small things I planned. It is a part of life that it will not always be as perfect as you plan it. I do always remember that when things bring us down, it is preparing us for another good break. I don’t know what it will bring to me, but I know that this is a win win situation and I’m pretty sure of that. This write-up is also part of my small goals this week. If those disappointments didn’t happen I won’t be achieving this one and I’m glad to share this one to you. Always remember that every setback is working for you own good. We may never know it this time but it will come out sooner. Keep on reaching and don’t stop.

May you reach your dreams.



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