How Coding Helps Me In My Non-Tech Life

Programming or coding is both the same for me. Create an application through codes, solve problems through codes or anything code related. It boils down to code.

Sit in front of the computer for hours, you sleep, then you wake up and code again. Repeat it every day. That’s how other people see programmers, some geeks that have some tasks out of the Earth, and just code all day.

This afternoon, someone asked me, aren’t you tired of coding? Aren’t you getting burn out from doing it every day?

Did you ever have that kind of question where you had to stop for a minute and think? I stopped everything I’m doing at that moment and think. Those questions were great. Questions that will allow you to think and re-evaluate your current state.

I Get Tired And That’s Why I Love It

Am I not tired of coding? I code almost every day regardless of how many lines I wrote. I read articles about code too. I listen or watch videos on YouTube about code too. The people I have on my small circle also do coding. Basically, I am surrounded by codes!

Do I get tired from coding? Yes.

Yes, I do get tired of coding. There were a lot of times where I don’t want to code and just want to stay on the bed. There were also a lot of times where I wanted to take a shortcut just to make things work so I can rest already. There were also times where I started coding in the morning and end at midnight.

So yes, I get tired from coding and that’s why I love it. I love it deeply. Getting tired means that is the time where the real game begins. That’s is the time for me to up my game and be more ready for more battles. During this time, a lot of unknown will now come. A lot of weird codes will somehow produce an error out of nowhere. The challenge is to control the energy and avoid unnecessary arguments or frustrations.

I love coding even though it is making me tired and exhausted. On the other side of restlessness is the fulfillment and happiness I get out of it.

Code As The Bridge

Since the night I’ve felt and understood that my purpose is to help other people. I continued serving that purpose with everything I have. And so, I’ve pledged alliance with coding. I have promised that I will use coding as the bridge to help me serve my purpose.

I’ve recognized numerous times where through coding I’ve helped a lot of people on the tasks in front of them. I’ve also changed the lives of other people through the teaching of codes and many more.

Little did I know along with the process, code helped me to become a better person as well. It helped me to become more disciplined, to continue learning, and to continue persevering despite how many iterations is the task in front of me. Most importantly, it helped me with my mindset. It helped me improve it and push it to the next level.

I thought that code is the bridge for me to help other people. I didn’t know it will also be the bridge for me to help myself to continue getting better. A bridge for me to develop my best version. A bridge for me and to my purpose in life.

Bringing It All Together

Programming or coding has been a part of my life for many years. I’m grateful to discover this passion in me. I am not sure where it will bring me in the future but I am sure that it will help me serve my purpose in life. It will help me connect to different people across the world and have a positive effect on those people.

It is tiring and exhausting but it’s worth it. I have seen it affect the lives of the people in my life and all I can say that it’s worth it.

This also applies to anything you are doing passionately. Regardless of how tired or exhausted you are, you still want to do it over and over again. That’s love. Something that brings joy to the inner-self. Something that brings fire within. That’s passion.

“Working hard for something we hate is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

But, on top of everything, I don’t want to be remembered as a programmer but someone who used programming as a way to connect with other people. Someone that able to reach out to other people across the ocean and provide value. The person who has a love for the game and be able to inspire others. The person who used programming to serve. I think that’s much better.

May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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