It’s All About Perspective

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The problems in our life are inevitable. I don’t think living without problems would be meaningful or fun to live. It will definitely be boring! The problems we experience in our daily lives act as a common factor on how we are doing today or where we are in our life. Most of the time, problems occupies our mind with negative thoughts and when it’s done. It will take our knees down to the ground, make our body restless and break ourselves into small pieces.

We will feel lost afterwards, don’t have a clue where to go or what to do next in our life. We are craving to unwind and go to places to escape the few hits. It also looks like you are in the midst of darkness, no one exists except you, your problems, and the little voice inside your head telling you “It’s time to give up already!”. Asking yourself, how do I move forward?

As the dark reign the moment, it is difficult to see the brighter side of time as it populates everything we see. This is also the moment where faith to ourselves is misleading and we tend to lose focus to everything. You may think that you are in shackle with it along in living with its reflection — following you wherever you go. As it follows you, it brings that enormous power. An enormous power that will take your knees and destroy again your mindset towards your goal.

Never again

I have a question for you, are you going to let it drag you down again? Let that thing destroy you again? If yes, then it’s up to you but if your answer is no. Prepare to replenish your mind and to clear your mind and thoughts. Take a deep breath and finally be ready to put that game face on with a different attitude and fighting spirit. Tell yourself many times that you will never let it drag you down again this time. This time you will never be shatter into pieces again. This time you will never be back down. This time you will get up and fight back to win!

It’s all about perspective

It’s all about perspective, it’s all about how we see the problems we are facing in our life. Some people will see it as a payback by the universe to them for being unlikely. But some people will see it as a blessing for them. A blessing because they believe that it will help them grow and achieve more along the way. They look at it as another step leading towards their goals and understand it as a way of life. The bigger you want something in life, the bigger the challenges will come. Why? It has to be that way. You won’t be ready to receive it if you didn’t face any challenges. It won’t be fulfilling! When we achieve something in life, we are so glad afterwards. It is because we overcome the obstacles and never back down on it. Nothing comes easy and fulfilling in life, it has to be from daily grind. What would happen if we see each problem as a stepping stone moving us forward? Making us ready to receive the blessings that we deserve? Would it make us grow more and make our life stronger? Believe and it will.

Bringing it all together

Problems are never there to make us move backward, they are there to make us move forward. Move us forward in the right direction. Do you ever think that if we encounter problems it is dragging us down or making us suffer in life again and again? No. No, it is not. You are wrong. The problems are there to tell you that there’s still edges need to be sharpen. They are there to tell you that there’s still a lot of room to improve. They are there to tell you that you are about to learn something you won’t learn from anything. Problems are there to make us uncomfortable for the reason it is the way for us to grow and learn. I don’t think there will be another way. Without pressure or challenges, how will we grow under being comfortable? There’s no way to grow.

Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve.

You have to keep moving forward. No matter how slow you think it is. You need to move forward. No matter how hard it is. You must move forward. Every problem is a signal that there is a good thing about to come in your life. Don’t you give up on that problem. Appreciate the moment and learn from it because I guarantee you that it will bring you the next level of your life.

One day you will look back at that special moment and tell yourself it is not a bad day. That day was in fact a blessed day. Finally, you will be glad that you never give up on that moment and you’ll be ready to face more in your life. Get ready for more!

May you reach your dreams.



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