Keep Your Fire Burning

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I have been suffering lately from headaches, bodyaches, nauseas and dizzyness a lot. It prevents me from the things I love to do every single day. It keeps me at the bed every single day instead rather than working on my craft or my goals. Being selfless and not able to do what you’re supposed to do is disheartening.

Why does such a thing like this happen?

Does the universe do not want us to achieve and do what we want in life?

I think I found a hint on why is this happening on our life.

The reason that I have found is that we need this to re-evaluate ourselves in regards to the things we love doing. To have a timeout and set a new plan to achieve greater things. And most importantly, to fuel the fire in our heart.

It is not easy to keep the fire burning. It actually felt like in any moment it will pass away. It is easy to get discourage especially when you are feeling sick. It is easy to quit when you are feeling not yourself.

Bringing It All Together

It is hard to keep balance with everything when you are weak. When you are emotionally, physicially and mentally ill, it is really hard and painful. I always look for the bright side even if it’s 0.01% I always seek for it. Being positive when everything is against you is a power. You are actually sending signals to your enemies that will not back down without a giving your all. And that your God is bigger than your problems and enemies.

Problems exists to fuel our desire on our heart to comeback stronger. It is there to make us even stronger and wise. One day we will say to ourselves, with confidence and poise, “I did it!”. Let’s always look forward to that day and never give up. Keep the fire burning!

May you reach your dreams.

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