Make Peace With Your Obstacles

E very day we encounter obstacles in our life. Whether how small or big it is or who we are in life. It is a surprise if we don’t encounter obstacles in our life. It doesn’t matter what is your financial state in life, we will still receive the obstacles that are destined for us.

Do you complain a lot when you face obstacles in life?

Does complaining helps you solve your obstacles?

Many of us complain about different obstacles happening in our life. It is like we are having a war with our obstacles. Throwing bombs and firing guns from left and right. Trying to win and kill each other. Fire in the hole! Bang!

Are you happy with that?

Can we change our mindset towards those obstacles and be a better person? I’m sure we can! Let’s get along!

Obstacle Is Your Best Friend

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The obstacle is there for a reason. It is not there for nothing. The obstacle is not your enemy that you can start a war with. It is your best friend and you should make peace with it.

Why should I be friend with it?

You should make friends with it because it will come to you every single day! It will never leave you. It will go back to you every time you push it away. Being a best friend and having peace with it will become one of the reason why did you succeed. An obstacle is like a best friend because it helps you become a better version. A best friend knows what is good and what is bad to you. It knows what is missing to you. It knows what will make you a better person. It can be hard most of the time but that is what it takes to bring the best version of yourself. It is there because you need it to become a better person.

It is there to serve its purpose to you.

Obstacle And The Kite

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Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

As we make friends with our obstacle. It is important to have fun with it as we go forward on our life.

Try to picture or illustrate in your mind how you will look when you fly a kite. Even if you don’t know how to fly one! Just imagine how high you want to fly your kite in the sky.

I’m pretty sure that is really high!

As your kite flying up in the sky, you at the ground keeps on pulling and pulling the string tied to the kite to get it higher. The kite will go higher as you pull its string.

What if we change the positions?

You as the kite playing with the winds up in the sky and the one that is pulling your string is your obstacle? Isn’t that marvelous?

Your obstacle will always pull and pull the string to give you a new vantage point in life. The more the obstacle is pulling you it means you are getting higher. Sometimes when the obstacle pulls you out, you experience a major downside. But little did we know that that pull is a minor setback for a major comeback. A major comeback to move you to a new vantage point and a higher place in life.

So let the obstacle control your kite by pulling you to move you to the next level in life. Trust that it will bring you a better place in life.

Bringing it all together

An obstacle in our life is unavoidable. Whether we like it or not it will come to us at a perfect time. What makes a better person is how it deals with these obstacles coming on its way. But there is a reason why it is there. It has an objective to you. It has a purpose for you. It is not there for nothing. It may be hard but always remember that an obstacle is there for a reason and that reason is to make you a better person.

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” — Forrest Gump

We may not see it today but tomorrow or the next day it will show its true reason. Not knowing its purpose is what makes life interesting.

I hope you become a friend and play kite with your obstacle in life. May you find peace with it and let it help you soar higher in life. Everything happens for a reason. Change your perspective and train your mind to always see the good in everything.

May you reach your dreams.

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