How are you today? Are you feeling good or not? If not, how do you cope up with your hard times? How do you fight your obstacles?

Do you see your problems as mountain? Layer by layer of problems you don’t know how to remove. Blocking you from reaching your dreams.

Through this hard times, I just want to say that you keep on going no matter what. No matter how much you wonder what will happen in the next days. Just keep on going and trust the process.

I know hard times are really tough & hard. It feels like it is breaking you apart. Breaking into small pieces. Breaking you into pieces you never knew how to put it back. In the same way that it feels like you have a mountain in front of you that's keeping you from the light, covering it through its huge rocks.

But in the midst of this darkness, a light will eventually shine. Not today, not tomorrow & maybe not the next days yet. But a light will shine to you, just keep on going. Don't be blinded with the mountain's huge rocks. You are much more bigger than that if you could imagine. Move that mountain. The Lord is bigger than your mountain.

Have a nice day and hope you would have an amazing day today! Conquer everything you want! It’s your time to show the world how good you are as mountain mover!


This is my first publish here at Medium. Hopefully you feel motivated as you finish reading it. Keep on holding to your dreams. May your dreams be come true.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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