My best run of the year!

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On Nov. 11, 2018, it was the day for the OYM leg 4. OYM is a quarterly run with 4 runs to complete. Every run it provides a category to push yourself and overcome your limits.

Before the race, I already imagined myself being in the finish line. The race has not yet started yet I can already see the outcome. My mind believes that I can finish it. What the mind believes; it can achieve.

Going back to my race. It was a 32-kilometer race from SM Mall of Asia to BGC (bridge of J.P. Morgan). Crazy how far it is! This race is my longest run since I’ve started a year ago. Probably my 11th race.

Where are the others?

The night before the race, I checked Pinoy fitness’ Facebook page and there were no updates at that time. It means the schedule is still the same at 4 am gun start. I slept early that night to have ample rest time for my body because I know it will be a brutal run for me. I’ve arrived at the event’s place at 3:30 am and did some stretching. I’ve noticed that there were only a few runners that time and wondering if these are the only people who will run for the same category? Maybe they were just a little late. Moving forward closer to 4 am. Still few people and I already felt unusual. I went to the baggage counter and heard a guy asking the same question.

Where are the others?

I checked again the Facebook page and voila! The gun start was rescheduled at 10 pm last night! I was already sleeping at that time! It couldn’t get any better start than this. Rushing to the starting line; Race marshalls initially prevented us from running because we were already late. They say that we might not get to the cut-off time! Oh no, where are they? How far they are already?

Do not underestimate yourself

We told the race marshalls that we can catch up even that we were down by an hour! And so we immediately start running and it is kind of funny because the race field is so empty. I don’t have anything in my mind but to catch up that cut-off time. I don’t want to surrender this run. I refuse to surrender. I truly believe in myself that I can catch that cut-off time. Those are the thoughts I had in my mind when running on an empty quiet field. You know, keeping those positive thoughts really help!

No time to rest before arriving at the checkpoint. I had to run on a fast-paced and stop thinking about anything but to believe and catch the cut-off time.

In the middle of the run, I saw from a not too distant some runners doing their own pace. I was happy seeing co-runners because it means I have another company. I’m not alone!

Luckily, with all the talking to myself I’ve reached the checkpoint at Makati by 4:50 — ish with 12-kilometer. I set that as my checkpoint because marshalls told us that there is a cut off at Makati place. So I set my mind to reach Makati as early as possible. I can’t believe I’ve reached it that fast. Yes, that was fast for me! Normally it would take me an hour and a few minutes. But the race is not yet over. I still have a lot of distance to catch up!

The sign of hope

I don’t know what happened but I just trusted myself and the Lord while running. I told Him that it is up to Him what would be the outcome of this race. I know He knows how important this race to me. Then, I literally saw poster signs indicating to trust him more and miracle will happen when we believe to Him. It was what I did while catching up. I didn’t know what happened but I kept running despite the pain and saw runners after runners. I’m already catching up! I’m catching up with people!

Self-talk is one of the most amazing things a human can do. With self-talk, you plant thoughts that will be used when you are struggling. With self-talk, you are giving yourself the right mindset to overcome every obstacle. With self-talk, you are developing and evolving your mind to be on a higher level than before. And lastly, with self-talk you are giving yourself some higher power of strength and hope that only you can feel it.

Whatever you reap, is what you’ve sown — From The Law of Sowing and Reaping by Jim Rohn

Mind over matter

Everytime I run, I always have the mind over matter mindset. No matter how painful the run or how long it is, I can do it. No matter what obstacle or challenge, I can do it. Life will not give you if it’s not for your own good. Being down by an hour is the best thing that happened in this run. It just shows how willing I am to take the challenge and to exceed my limits. I’ve complained from the start for being down by an hour but things can get chippy sometimes and we can’t really control it. The only thing we can do is to embrace it to get what we want. If the path has changed, adapt and overcome it and still continue reaching your goal. I stopped complaining and embraced the challenge and it puts me on the right position.

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure — Jack Ma

Running is one of the things I love to do. It challenges my body and mind to go to the next level. With running, you’ll develop something you didn’t know you had. It unleashes a new version of YOU on every run you finish. It will give you a powerful version of YOU because most of the time especially on the long runs you will experience a lot of pain! Pain is what strengthens us! You will need to be comfortable being in pain to achieve your goals. Without pain and sacrifice, there will be no success.

The things you’ve developed from running will help you win in your life. You will unconsciously apply these things in your life and that will help you have a better life. A never give up attitude. I finished my run by 3hrs and 12 mins on my own pace record time. A new PR for myself. Grateful for the outcome!

Behind the curtains

For the organizers of the event, thank you for allowing us to push yourself on each run. Thank you also for helping us develop the right mindset and achieve our goals. To Pinoy Fitness, thank you also for being part of the event success. I looked forward to an early announcement next time. No bitterness; it just shows how we runners look up to you as the main source of credible information. Thank you and wish you the best!

Congrats to all runners. We’ve completed the 4/4 OYM run this year! Much love. Catch you all next year for a new series ❤

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