Remember Who Is Accountable

Most of us are waiting for that one event that will put us in the right feeling, right timing, and right setting before we act accordingly. We are waiting and wishing for that event to happen to us. Yes, at some point it plays a role in creating this turnaround in our life.

Does it mean we should always rely on that?

If we are waiting for something to happen without our control, does it mean we are a victim when it doesn’t work the way we wanted it to work?

Who are we going to blame? Are we going to put the blame on the event or to other people?

Not The Outcome But My Reaction

It’s easy to put the blame on other things or people rather than to ourselves. It’s easy to see the mistakes of others rather than our own mistakes.

Last night, I had a silly experience at midnight. I slept almost 11 pm and at midnight around 3 am mosquitos were bitting me to the point that I had to wake up from sleep. It was itchy and annoying.

The feeling when you are in the middle of a good sleep then suddenly needs to wake up for some unreasonable reason is annoying (find a better word).

I woke up, opened the lights, and looked for the mosquitos that were biting me. After looking across the bed, I realized that it was only one mosquito and I was able to splash it out.

After that moment, I can’t sleep anymore. I have to wake up at 6 am and I’m still awake and lost of sleepiness. After a few hours, my alarm went on and I had to wake up. I woke up feeling low due to the reason of lack of sleep. I’m so tired and just want to sleep.

Part of me wants to blame that event and skip all the things I have to do that day. I want to put the blame, give excuses, and go back to my bed and be in comfort. I want that.

But I didn’t allow it. Throughout the day regardless of my mood, feelings, energy, or whatever I didn’t allow that event to take over my day. It was hard fighting for that day but it was worth it. I gave my new 100% that day to the tasks in front of me. Completed the things I have to do without excuses. I didn’t blame the event. I know I can’t control how things will go well but I know I can control my reaction. I am accountable.

Bringing It All Together

That short story I shared with you is something we always encounter in life. Regardless of how small the event, we tend to give that as an excuse to not do something or to do easy things.

That story may sound silly to you but I want you to observe your life. Regardless of how silly it may look like, observe, and see where you are not taking accountability on your life.

I want you to not give those small events some power to take over your life. The more we put the blame on those events, the more we are giving it some of our power. The more it is taking our soul.

It doesn’t have to be like that. I want you to gain back the power that is yours and within you.

It was a hard day for me but I kept on looking for the bright spots. Kept seeking for the good things on that day. And I concluded that it was indeed a beautiful day.

May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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