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The year 2017 is about to end in a few hours. This has been a remarkable year as it unfolds a lot of things I can’t imagine. I can still remember highlights which gives me a glimpse of what I can do more and what I am capable to do in the future.

I remember starting my first mountain climb, land and sea adventures/rides (flying fish & surfing) going to Malaysia, fun runs, created a 30 days workout challenge, shifting of food paradigm, finishing books (5/6 books I think?), writing a blog in Medium, taking spanish courses (hola, yo no escribe bien carta en español), being the leader to the work environment, creating web development starter packs (if you are interested, lets talk!), receiving my front-end certificate in freeCodeCamp (on my way to back-end, just a few more hits! 🙆‍♂️), having new amigos in and out of the country, dancing and singing on the stage, closer bond with my loved ones and lastly a more developed relationship with the man above.

It was so happy and at the same time blessed to experiences these things! I wonder if I really did this because for me it was too many! For sure, I still missed a couple things… But nevertheless it was a very wonderful year and I am pretty sure next year would be a much more wonderful ahead to all of us.
I just want to say that don’t you ever estimate the power of compounding (the everyday work) because it is better to have a slow and mini progress day by day rather than having no progress at all. Don’t estimate and don’t limit yourself to things you want (a note for myself as well) because you are much MORE capable of doing it. You just have to believe in yourself because no one will do it for you. You are the only one responsible for it.

Let’s continue striving for greatness and being a genuine person to everyone that is important to us. I also want to take this opportunity to the people who are part of my achievements to say thank you very much and I won’t be here without the support and love you shared. Keep it going in 2018 and be ready for more blessings!

May you reach your dreams.

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