The Car That Gave David A Golden Gem

David is an engineer who creates a car. Since he was a child, he already wanted to create cars. In fact, during his childhood, he always created cars with the use of cardboards and stitching it with some tapes to build it.

One day, David was given a task to redesign one of the company’s best car. They wanted to redesign it to see if people will like those new designs. David is so happy given that task because he can show his skill and creativity in doing it.

Started Right and Fast

While working on it, he always gives a report to the team about the progress of it. The team is so excited seeing the progress day in and day out. They are sure people going to like the redesign.

After a few days, David already told his team that he already completed the redesign of the car and now ready to test and show off. When they tested it, the redesign looks good. They liked it! But, when they audit and compared it with the current design. Something looks not right. The current design still has better quality than the new one. The team told David to check and see what is the difference and why is the result like that.

Few hours passed by, David immediately sent the new changes and hoping that his new changes will drastically improve the quality. The team verified the new changes but still, the quality of the car is still below compared to the current design. The current car is still faster and has a better engine compared to the new design. David has no idea what seems to be the problem. He did and applied everything he knew.

Dropping It Off

David believed in himself and continued working on improving the quality of the car. He knows that this is just a small hump and sooner or later it will be finished.

Every time David will submit his new changes and the team will verify it. The team always notices the drastic difference between the new and current car designs. David started right and fast but seemed to be slowing now with improving the quality.

The process of doing new changes and verifying it seems to be taking a long time now. What seems to be the problem? David continued contemplating day in and out until it to create new changes. Every day, David will stay late and continued working on the redesign. No matter what time is it. He wants to improve it and want to finish it off. That continued for how many days and weeks to improve it.

There’s this one night where he felt sad, no confidence, hopeless and exhausted. He just doesn’t know what to do anymore. He felt like he was against a wall. An unbreakable wall! He wants to get it done, but he doesn’t know what to do anymore. Even with those emotions and thoughts, David continued seeing the bright side. He will always cheer himself up and say “One day this will be over”. And that gave him hope to move on every single time.

One morning, the team notices the unending process of improving and verifying it. The team decided to just drop it off in a few days if they still can’t figure out why the current car is much better than the new one. Dropping it off means that the redesign of the car will be stopped and no more work needs to be done. In short, David failed with his redesign.

David felt so demoralized when he heard about dropping the redesign. He worked very hard, sacrificed a lot of time, made a lot of sweat, and put all his energy into making it possible. And hearing about dropping it off is not what he wanted. But, he can agree that he also doesn’t know what is the problem. He doesn’t have a clue why the current car is still better than the redesigned car.

Fruitful End

The last day before the project will be dropped. Something odd happened. David saw some big improvements! And when the team verified again the redesign for the last one time, it went over the current car. The performance and quality of the new redesign car surpassed the current car!

What happened there?

David continued to work even though he is exhausted every single day. He believed that one day it will be over. All those late nights with small changes created a big change that isn’t noticeable at first.

David and the team were so happy and have now launched the new redesign of the car to the public.

“I now realize that no matter how long the process is and how hard it is, reaching the finish line is always achievable. I will get hopeless, lose my confidence, and exhausted but that’s something part of the process. That makes the finish line more fruitful.”

David told his reflection to himself in front of the mirror.

Bringing All Together

Through David’s story, we saw him continued working hard despite the setbacks he endured time after time. We saw him developed his belief in himself even though he’s exhausted. It’s hard to believe in something especially when you are exhausted and thinking you gave it all. But, David continued believing that it will end.

He doesn’t know when it will end, how it will end or where it will end. One thing is for sure to David. He knows it will end. David believed that it will end and continued working with a great attitude. And that’s a great quality to have. Perseverance with a great attitude is a great combination.

It’s important to understand that we can’t control most of the situations in our surroundings. That’s how it is. But, what we can control is our own self. How we think and do react to certain situations. When our external environment is breaking, we should hold coherence to our internal environment. Our inner environment is the only environment we can always control.

One of my spiritual mentor, Sadhguru, said that the emotion anger is something we create on our reality. We allow our external environment to take effect on our internal environment and that resulted in negative emotion. Here’s the latest podcast I’ve watched —

A lot of things may come to us. It may give us comfort and discomfort. Underneath those things is a golden gem. A golden gem that will give us experience that we needed in life, new growth, and new vantage point. We won’t be able to control when or how a certain thing will end. But, let’s always try to take control of ourself especially when reacting to certain situations in our external environment. We have the key. We have control. Find the golden gem in every situation.

May you reach your dreams.



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