The Defragmentation of Life

When our computer isn’t responding well. One reason is that we have a lot of unused files or scattered files — fragments. Knowing that it is one of the reasons why our computer isn’t responding well how can we fix it? To fix that kind of issue, there now comes the defragment.

According to this link the definition of defragment is this

Defragment reduces the fragmentation of (a file) by concatenating parts stored in separate locations on a disk.

How does it relates to our life?

We can relate this to our life when we experience that ourselves is not responding well. When we are used on responding to different happenings to becoming unresponsive.

This happens when we are on a grind mode on always. Grind mode is when we are always on offense mode. Our body will eventually become unresponsive due to the load it has accumulated on a span of time. The same with our own computer or any device when it is not responding well. One potential reason could be too much data and cannot process anymore newly ones.

We are humans

The difference between a computer or any device versus us is that we are not designed to be on grind mode always. We are not designed like a computer or any device as a whole. We, humans, can get tired sometimes. But unlike a computer or any device you cannot hear them complain or tell how tired they are. The thing is, it is normal to get tired and to take a break once in a while. Sometimes stepping back is the only thing you need to do to move much further in life.

I do always push myself to work towards what I want no matter how hard it is. But right now, I do experience how my body is getting tired from all of the work I’m putting on. With that, I’m having a hard time doing what I normally in a day — work.

We cannot compare how tired we are to other people. Each and every one of us have different tasks every day and comparing it with other people is wrong. What I also would like to point is, if you know someone who’s having a hard time to cope up with life. Be a blessing to them and give them the power to recover and help them push further as they move forward in life.

The Gift of Struggle

As we go on our day, we encounter obstacles that are holding us to move forward. When we have an obstacle in front of us, we are experiencing some struggle to find ways to overcome it.

Do you know that there’s a gift beneath that struggle moment?

That gift is bound for you to receive. That is the gratitude we receive in our life.

Struggling to find ways to overcome different issues allows us to develop the value of perseverance. With perseverance, it gives us the opportunity to dig deep on our soul to search for what we want. With the value of perseverance, we are not afraid to go an extra mile to get what want.

Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you want you deserve.

Take the struggle as the gift of life to you and be thankful for it. Be grateful for the struggles in life. It allows us to have the chance to be more humble and a down to earth individual.

The Defragmentation of Life

Every struggle allows us to experience the following:

Realign — It allows us to re-align our vales and priorities in life

Reallocate — Replace what is not important in life with important ones.

Re-position — Re-position what is your priority and if it is helping you achieve your purpose in life.

These things that we experience when we are struggling is what I call — The Defragmentation of Life or Life Defragment.

The Defragmentation of Life enables us to realign, reallocate and re-position ourselves in life to move further in life.

We experience this almost every day but we couldn’t tell that there is a Life Defragmentation happening in the background. But when we carefully observe ourselves we experience the three (3) things above during this moment in life.

When we are at this moment, this is where how it sharpens ourselves. This is also the moment where we reach a new state. We must be careful about how we set the new state for ourselves because once we pass this moment we will carry on the new state we had defined. Nonetheless, this is the moment where we develop and try to be another version.

Bringing it all together

Each and every one of us has a lot of goals and dreams that we want to accomplish. Whether buying the dream house that we wanted since childhood. Or it could just be traveling to a new country with loved ones. Whatever it is, we want to accomplish it and put colors on that sketchy goals and dreams that we wanted.

One day everything that we dreamed on will be in our hands. All of the works that we are doing when no one is watching will soon be worth it. The work we do behind the curtains will soon be seen by everyone. You and the works you have made in the past will be worth it.

Rest if you must but still be hard for yourself the next time around. Hold to the standards you have set. Hold the values that you are preaching. The standards and the values that you are preaching are what has defined you today.

Realign, reallocate and re-position your life to know what’s important and who’s important in your life. Experience the beauty of Life Defragmentation which allows you to move further in life.

You are in control of your life.

May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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