It was late afternoon at the gym, I was in the last few sets of my exercise. Palms are tired, sweat dripping on the floor and eyes becoming red. About to unleash the lion and it was about to go down! No, nope just kidding I was already tired and hungry.

After I finished my last set, I asked this unfamiliar person “Hey, are you working all on your shoulders today?” he responded “yeah, how about you? Went for back and legs?” and the conversation goes on.

It was at that moment when he popped the question regarding career and told me he is a workforce manager at Google! I’m like “Hey, it is one of my dream company! How’s working there? How’s the food? It is true that there’s food buffet there? You can create your diet plan there without spending!” and then he responded “yes, it is all true! A happy work environment indeed.” *And then I started thinking about food…* Yum yum yum.

We continued chatting and I asked him for some advice regarding career specifically for people like me who has just started on the ladder. One thing that he told me important is to be a leader to everyone. Be the leader who is not just working for themselves but for the team. For the team whom you are leading. He then added “It is so happy to lead people, leading everyone to success. Most importantly, working together and getting to that one big dream, together”. Notice the word together, which is very important in this context. I was speechless and extremely inspired in that moment, people.

Afterwards, I realized I’m doing the right thing and will continue working on it. Which is to lead the people around me in the right direction we know. Leading is not just about the recognition or fame, it is the way to encourage, motivate and get up together. No greater joy will bring you in the long term than helping other people raise their own game. Bringing out the best version of themselves and releasing their true potential.


Each of us can be a leader, that role is not just in the corporate zone. It can be in your surroundings or to the people you love. Helping them raise their game and reach their dreams would be a wonderful thing to achieve.

Lastly, always remember to keep on holding to your dreams because no one will hold it for you. You are the only person responsible for it. The only one accountable for it!

Believe on yourself and you will perceive what you see and what you believe on. May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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