In life, there will always be some obstacles or blockages in front of us. We cannot remove or skip it. It will always be there. No matter what time or day it is, it will come at you.

I have a friend whom we will call Ben. I remembered Ben today because before the summer he told me that he would like to put some mass muscle into his body. He believes he is too thin and small. He looked into the internet and got some fitness icons. These fitness icons will serve as his motivation and inspirations along his journey. He followed the exercises that those icons are doing and copied them on his own. Ben set a goal to himself that before the summer comes, his body will be ready to show off at the beach. He set his goal within a short amount of time — 2 months. Ben just started lifting and do not have some basic knowledge yet. Do you think Ben can do it? Is he mentally ready?

Our life contains two main points, Point A and Point B.

The Point A is where we are right now. Our current state and rock bottom. Point B is where we want to be. Some people call it the “destination”. This is the point where our goal and dream are sitting.

Going back to Ben, his goal on a short amount of time is to put some muscle to be ready for summer. Do you think he can do it? Setting a goal is important no matter what it is. He did a great job on setting it up. We always need to set a goal in order for us to create plans.

But what is the problem with Ben?

Ben wants to achieve his goal on a short amount of time which is close to impossible in a proper way. It is possible for more advanced athletes but for Ben who is a beginner is close to impossible.

It Is Not A StraightForward

Believing that you can reach your goal is important. But we also have to consider the fact that in a short amount of time to reach something is close to impossible. Nothing comes easy in life. Ben needs to understand that for him to reach Point B from his Point A. He needs to go through the process between those two points. Point A and Point B will have small points in between and it is not straightforward as it is as we imagine.

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Ben’s mindset is that it will be straightforward because he already have the fitness icons he needed to achieve his goal. He already have the exercises he got from the fitness icons he have searched.

But little did he know that those people put up a lot of work behind the scenes and work through the process every single day. Ben’s mindset is bound to disappointment and is not as healthy as it is. It is not wrong to have a goal but it is wrong to think that everything is straightforward to reach it. We must change how we think of the process.

Bringing It All Together

Do you know someone that is like Ben? Or are you like Ben? Whichever you choose, understand that the process is not always a straightforward and it will contain obstacles or blockages in between. You will suffer and will need to endure a lot of pain to reach your Point B.

Point A to Point B may be impossible to get how long it will take but you need to be patient! These small points in between you will encounter are the best points that will happen in your life.

These small points will help us become better and be more ready in life. There are no easy way or shortcuts in life especially if we want to achieve something meaningful.

We will fail a lot in between these small points but it will be worth it. It is part of the process. Do you want to reach something you’ve never worked hard for? It will much sweeter to get something you’ve put sweat and blood to reach it. The small points are the process and it is much important than the actual destination itself.

When you already got to your Point B, of course, you will tell other people how you got there. You will tell them the small points or the process that you’ve encountered. By telling them those small points, you create stories that soon will inspire them to reach their own Point B in life.

If we encounter another Ben in our life, let’s help them understand that the process will always take time and nothing in life comes easy. We need to work hard and be persistently reaching our own Point B no matter what.

Understand and love the process as it will be the best points in your life.

May you reach your dreams.

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