The Real Prize Isn’t What You Think It Is

JM Santos
3 min readFeb 22, 2021


On our journey towards reaching our goals, we get so locked in with the vision of reaching them already. We get this moment where when we close our eyes, we can see our goals already within us.

A journey or a process is usually a long trial and error situation. You will fail and fail many times. But, you get back up again because you already have this mindset where whatever happens you will be able to achieve what you want.

As you continue on your journey or process after you encounter hardships, I want to ask you a question. Do you think the real prize is still your goal?

The Mirror Has Two Faces

There was this one late night where I was cleaning my teeth and face while looking into the mirror. I was into my cleaning and thought of, does flossing my teeth and scrubbing my face really removes the unnecessary things on me?

I can see my face still have pimples and asked again, will this really remove my pimples?

I had no response and just went on.

After a few minutes, I had a realization of the process I’m doing. I realized that I do these things every night because I want my teeth and face to be cleaned. That is my goal on why I’m doing it. Then it seemed like I went down thinking about it and asked, maybe the process is the real prize of this goal and not clean teeth and face?

Don’t get me wrong, I want to have clean teeth and mouth.

I was just wondering maybe that isn’t the real prize. The goal of having clean teeth and mouth is a prize but maybe it isn’t the real prize or the top prize.

I concluded to myself in front of the mirror that the real prize isn’t the goal. The real prize is between my current state and my goal. The real prize is the attitude I develop every time I do it. The real prize is the discipline I express every single night.

That is the real prize.

That is my real prize.

Bringing It All Together

Once you reach your goal, ask yourself what now? What are you going to do next?

Are we really goal-oriented or process-oriented?

Point A is where you are right now and Point B is your goal. In between those two points, you have small points like Point A.a, Point A.b … until A.z before we reach Point B. These small points are important because you won’t be able to reach Point B without it.

In other words, you won’t be able to reach your destination without moving. And moving towards your destination is where you truly experience life.

You experience life not when you reached your destination. You experience life as you move towards your destination.

The goal is what sets up our environment. It gives us the reason to move. It gives us a new place or state to reach. Without a goal, there won’t be any process. Without a goal, there will be no movement.

Now, is your goal still the real prize? It’s up to you.

May you find your real prize.

May you reach your dreams.