Wait, How Did I Get Here?

There’s this morning while I’m meditating, something unusual happened and it was amazing.

It was a sleepy morning. I wanted to continue my sleep but I had to get up to prepare and get ready for work. I started by doing my meditation so that I can prime my brain to install the new connections for creation.

When we are meditating, our mind will constantly send or picture a lot of thoughts to distract us or rather to do its normal job. Normally, our mind isn’t used to not thinking or doing something. During meditation, our job is to quiet it down so we can create our ideal self.

While I’m in the middle of my meditation, something unusual happened and it was amazing. This is the first time I’ve encountered it.

Above Of My Senses

I’m not sure what it was called. I’m not sure how I got there. But, I went back in time for around 8 years in the past. It was the time during my high school days.

After school class, my friends and I always have this bonding before going home. We will go to the nearest mall, go to the computer shop and play some games for about an hour and a half. It was fun and competitive.

On my meditation, I got back in that place. I can see most of it, hear the crowd noise and the bingo announcer near the computer shop, and smell the unexplainable smell that was always in there. The computer shop arrangement and the color of each computer slot. I was really there.

I can really feel it and experience it in my meditation.

A Message From The Future

I didn’t have the experience of playing again, I only got the time of being in that moment. After a few minutes on my meditation, I was in the moment where we finished playing the game. I don’t where myself during that time but me, the present self was in the exit door looking from the whole place in awe.

I can’t believe I was brought back here.

The next scene was where I was walking along the street towards the waiting shed where I’ll be waiting for public transportation going home. Me, the present self, walked towards my past self.

I remembered my past self shocked and present self smiling while looking at each other. I remembered seeing my past self wearing those tight school pants, folded sleeve polo, and that low waist bag style. And remembered seeing too my present self wearing the usual clothes I wear, pants with a black shirt and converse shoes.

It was amazing.

As we were both in awe, my present self started talking. He gave my past self some life advice.

He said to enjoy the time being with your friends. Have fun and enjoy life. And to not worry much about other things. This is one of the memorable moments in your life.

My past self just listened and they both continued walking.

Bringing It All Together

After that scene, everything went black. It was like I’m back in the present time again. I was in pure joy, love, and grateful after that experience. I give life advice to the people but I didn’t know I will be able to give some to my past self.

I wonder if my past self isn’t really past but just another timeline?

I didn’t know how I did it. Maybe, it was a message from the Universe that I’m doing a great job with my meditation practice and telling me to keep going.

Most of the time, I ask the Universe with some questions or requests like “If you are real, show it to me without me expecting it”. I remembered Dr. Joe Dispenza, my spiritual mentor, always told that Universe will answer back in a way we don’t expect. The reason is, when we create something from the unknown, it will answer back in an unknown event too.

If I will about to experience it again, I want to try to go to my future and give some life advice to my present self. Or, experience more mystical and profound experiences that will allow me to grow and create my ideal self.

As we continue with our meditation, may we always create more inner experiences than external experiences on our journey to create more of ourselves. And in that way, we will be beautiful creators of our life. ❤️

May you reach your dreams.

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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