What a great article this is Tom! I really loved it!

Here are my thoughts:

I believe having a plan for next weeks/years of your life is really a good thing. For the purpose of you know what’s your path and never get lost in the dark. But I also believe in what you’re pointing out — that there’s no certainty in life.

Things will always not going according to your desired plan but having 3 out of your 5 plans be successful is much better than having none.

Sometimes I feel like having a plan always makes you not enjoying the moment because your mindset is telling you to stick to your plans and don’t waste time. But having a plan will get you your desired output and that’s what most people want. A plan to achieve your dreams/goals in life even not completely 100%.

The quote I have in mind: “If you failed to plan, you are planning to fail”

PS: I’m a Filipino and I live here in the Philippines. I’m so glad to hear your thoughts and share your stories especially your vacation here. I hope to meet you when you get back here again! Take care brother. Cheers!

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

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