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As human beings, we have the ability to transform ourselves into any form. We have the ability to be whatever we want. If we want to be a snail, we can be. If we want to be an ant, we can be. Of course, we can’t shrink down to their own size but we can be like them if we think like them and act like them.

As we work on transforming ourselves into whatever we want, it’s important to remember that it will not be a quick expedition. Changing ourselves takes time whether we are talking about some habits we want to change or behaviors we want to improve.

What I’m going to share with you is not a five-step guide to transforming yourself. In this article, I will show you what is happening in my life and how I’ve handled and how I’m handling it.

The Voice Of Another System

If we closely pay attention to our thoughts and reactions, we will notice that there’s a voice that is talking and suggesting what you should do. This isn’t a literal voice, it is part of your mind. We have two systems in our thinking. System 1 and System 2. Daniel Kahneman describes this in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow where he said System 1 is the part of our mind where it fires off unconsciously and with no little thinking. System 2 fires off consciously and requires thinking.

Whenever we react fast, it is mostly our System 1. Whenever we react slow, and we take the information carefully, it is our System 2.

What’s important here?

Past few weeks, I’ve been feeling tired and low energy. I don’t have the same energy I had before. I can feel the need to rest. I can feel the fatigue within my body. I don’t usually do the things I do every day. I had skipped doing things that I usually do because I feel tired. Each day is a struggle to put me into a state of poise. It’s challenging to drag my body to do meditation, exercise, and yoga. It feels so heavy.

System 1 is telling me to just continue watching and lying on your bed. Just do it and don’t do anything else. Skip what you need to do and just lay down. System 2 is telling me to do some of my recovery approaches like yoga and active recovery. It is telling me to sleep early and avoid watching almost the whole day.

The conflict between the two systems is difficult to handle. You have this feeling of just doing based on your self-programming which is sometimes not helpful. Based on my experience, System 1 is mostly the “easy way” to act throughout the day and give yourself pleasure and System 2 is the “hard way” to act throughout the day and gives you pride in the long run. It doesn’t give you pleasure. Pleasure is temporary happiness. That is what I’ve realized.

The Time Component

Whenever we experience hard times, it’s like this is the end of the world for us. It seems like it will last forever. Well, we can mostly agree with that right?

When we are in this hard time, time feels so slow. It feels like it is not moving at its proper speed. Why is that? I’ve learned from my highschool Rector that time slows down for you when you are in a state of lack and gives full attention to each detail. Overthinking most of the things. Time goes fast when you are in a state of elevated emotions because you don’t care much about most things and just go through the emotion.

Have you ever wondered why there is “time”? I think that is because time allows nature to go through its natural course of life. If there is no time, things will not have a start time and an end time. There will be no change.

What I am thinking is whenever I experience a hard time is that everything will slowly resolve in its natural order through nature. When the time is right, things will match the way it is destined to be.

Quantum physics mentioned being no time. Changing matter without time. I think that is an interesting way of thinking. Maybe we are just thinking about the aspect of time. Maybe what we need is to think in a quantum way where this is no time. What if we can change ourselves in no time? What if we can change without moving matter — body? Unlimited progress.

You Always Have A Seat, Impostor

If you want to create something, build something, say something, or do something. Remember that the Universe always has a seat for you to do what you want to do. No one is excluded, everyone is included to do what they want to do.

Impostor Syndrome is an event where we doubt ourselves. We think of ourselves as not worthy of creating, building, or saying something. But, that is not true. It is just an illusion we feel at the moment. If we are feeling good, for sure we will do it.

I’ve been giving advice and motivating other people through their hard times. I’ve experienced hard times as well on my end. Does it mean I’m not good enough to help other people? The answer is no! Of course, even those people need advice and motivation as well. No one has it all. We are all a work in progress. As long as you try your best to improve yourself and take accountability to own good.

Bringing It All Together

As I’ve told at the start, this article isn’t something you’ve read. This article aims to share that hard times aren’t limited to you only. Other people also experience hard times and here’s what I’m doing and thinking. You may agree or disagree with my thinking and that’s fine. I don’t aim to get into a debate with you.

Hard times may be hard but I’m going through the end of this and I will grow through this. We are capable of transforming and elevating ourselves through these situations. We are capable of improving ourselves every time, and in no time (quantum way). Grow through it.

May you reach your dreams.

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