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What is a sunny day? It is a day where the sunlight flows on your skin. It is a day where your mind is clear as water. It is a day where you feel good and determined to crash it today. It is a day where the universe is telling “Let’s help this person reach his/her purpose today. Let’s make it happen!”.

Do you want to have a sunny day?

Master your morning

Successful persons wake up early as if they didn’t sleep. You’ve heard them wake up at 3 am or even 4 am. Why? They wake up that early because it’s the time where no distractions. It is the time where the surrounding is quiet. It is the time also where they can meditate and plan the day ahead. Planning your day means you don’t want the day to take on you. You don’t want to let the day control you. You control your day.

Take care of your morning

I value my morning as if it is the best moment of time throughout the day. I do whatever it takes to make my morning a sunny day. I do exercise in the morning to keep my body in a positive state. I also listen to music or watch motivational clips to fill my body & mind with positive thoughts. There are also times where I would sing with my favorite songs/playlist. But, one thing that helps me a lot is to make my morning wonderful is to be grateful. Be grateful for another day given to me. Another day, another opportunity. Another day, another moment to spend with loved ones. Another day, another day to achieve goals. Another day, another day to help others.

Sticking to the plan

As soon as I’ve arrived home, I told myself that it is not yet over. The day is still not over. Do not surrender it!

Hold on to yourself and keep on fighting.

Having that boost to myself, I continued my day going to the gym. I broke my records and crashed my workout! It felt solid!

Negative thoughts may disturb me, but it cannot control my day! Nothing and no one can take my day and life from me. I will always fight for it. No matter what it takes! The day failed to take over because I fought hard.

We only got one chance in life. Better fight for what you want today. You may never know if you can still fight tomorrow. Declare to yourself that this is your life, your victory, and success.

Bringing it all together

The way you start your day is how you determine how your day will go. Whatever it takes, give it all to make your morning a sunny day. If you’ve failed to do it, remember what I’ve shared to you. Keep on fighting and don’t let the day control you.

Do your best to achieve the clearest state of your mind. By having a clear state of mind means you know what you want to do. Knowing what you want to do will help you focus on what is important and not. We all have 24 hours every day and doing things that are not aligned with your goals is a waste of time.

No matter how you woke up, smile. Smile even without a reason. Smile even you had a nightmare. Change your mind to think of the positive thoughts even it is hard! I know! But you have to help yourself get the day you want.

Be thankful that you have given another day, today. You are lucky and blessed to be part of this day. Always remember that you are important. Master your day and you will achieve a great life.

May you reach your dreams.

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