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A lot of things are happening in our environment. Actually, not just on our environment but also globally. The news about the Coronavirus — the people who are affected, the number of cases, some financial crisis or some business ventures about the crisis. There are also a lot of people expressing their thoughts about the enhanced community quarantine that has been applied to almost every nation and the list goes on.

In short, there is so much happening in the world right now that we’ve never experienced before. And this event might be the day you’ve been waiting for to change.

Be The Guardian Eagle

I’ve been thinking about this thought since the whole incident happened. I asked myself:

What is good on this crisis?

A lot of people are dying. A lot of people are suffering. A lot of people lost their jobs and don’t know where to get the money to buy some food. A lot of worry thoughts follow after another.

Seeing and hearing some news about the crisis on how it is impacting a lot of people makes me think that it doesn’t make sense if there’s good on this. Does the “good” on this crisis will be greater than the number of people who got lost their loved ones or got their life twisted?

What is really good about this crisis?

The answer is it depends on you. It depends on how you see this crisis in your life. It depends on your perspective. We will maybe never have a single answer on what is good on this for everyone. The reason for that is because we don’t exactly know what it feels like for other people who are suffering or having trouble in their life because of this crisis.

We are all affected by this crisis but we are not affected the same. Some people might have their life-changing moments or some might just see this as a small hump on their side. Knowing that we are affected differently is another good thing for us to be more compassionate to other people.

We can’t force other people to just always see the bright side. It’s hard to see the bright side especially when you are surrounded by the dark. And that’s something we have to understand with other people today. But, if there’s someone you know is having a hard time coping up, be the guardian eagle.

Be the guardian eagle who gives them a new perspective that the future is better for them. Be the guardian eagle who don’t force them and expecting them to change their mindset instantaneously but who encourage them every single time. Be the guardian eagle who gives them light in the midst of the dark and whom they needed to be.

One day we will get the answer we needed and connect the dots when we look backward.

Choose On What To Dwell

We are not perfect. We can’t stop our minds from producing different kinds of thoughts. Even the most positive thinker that exist will experience some negative thoughts.

Now that we are experiencing all together this crisis it’s easy to get distracted by social media with these posts or topics about the crisis. We can see it almost everywhere we visit online and that’s getting our attention.

The more we put our energy into something, the more it will live in our heads. The more we think about it, the more we will produce more emotions. And with the more emotions released, the more thoughts will be produced. Do you agree with me here?

Now tell me, if I dwell much of my energy on these posts or topics on social media will it give me good? Will it help me get the answer to what is good on this crisis?

As they say, negative and positive thinking works. They both really work! Having positive thinking will make you produce more positive thoughts. And having negative thinking will make you produce more negative thoughts. One works positively and the other works negatively. It will not happen overnight but the consistency of choosing one over the another will surely manifest on your reality.

Whatever you choose to dwell with, make sure it’s something good for your life. No one can say what is good and bad for you to consume. Other people can guide you but you are only the one who decides what is good for you.

Bringing It All Together

Your perspective matters. It matters how you see this crisis going on with your life. Where you place your attention is where you put your thoughts. We are all experiencing this crisis differently and that’s why it is important to take care of how we perceive what is happening around us. It’s important also to take care of what we consume because that will produce more thoughts. The more thoughts it produces, the more emotions we will feel and the more emotions we feel the more it will manifest into our reality.

Now that we are able to do that on ourselves, it’s now time for us to be the guardian eagle to other people. The guardian eagle who will guide them on what needs to be done. The guardian eagle who will help them choose what to consume on their life as it will produce more thoughts to them. The guardian eagle who will give them a new perspective and light in the midst of the dark.

I see this crisis as a blessing to my life. I’m not saying we’re not getting affected but I choose to see the good on this every single day. It opens a lot of doors that I never thought exists. It’s teaching me that all you need and want is already inside you. I’m grateful that I’ve experienced this on my life because I learned so much whether it is good or bad that I will bring into my next chapter.

We are all together in this crisis. We will survive this and we will change through this for the better. We will have a better perspective through this.

May you reach your dream.

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